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Cinderella / Золушка

Chapter 1.

Hello, my little reader.

Do you like these nice people? They are a happy family: a mother, a father and a daughter.

But the woman is very ill. One day she says to her daughter:

 - My little child, be good and kind. And I will be always near you.

After that she closes her eyes and dies.

Soon the man marries another woman. She is fat and ugly. She has got two lazy daughters. one of them is tall and thin. Another is short and fat. They like to eat, to try on beautiful dresses and to look in mirror all day long. They make the poor girl live in the kitchen and do all the work about the house. She cleans, and cooks, and sews, and sweeps the cinders. That's why the stepsisters cal her Cinderella.

Cinderella is a quiet and a nice girl. And her two stepsisters always cry: "Cinderella, clean my shoes!", "Cinderella, bring my coffee!", "Cinderella, sing me a song!". The poor girl does everything. She is busy till the night.

Chapter 2.

Tonight there is a ball at the palace. The young Prince celebrates his birthday. The two ugly sisters can talk only of the ball. They discuss their clothes all day long and argue with each other.

 - The Prince will dance with me - cries the first sister - My dress is very rich.

 - No? he will choose me! I'm more beautiful. And I have golden earrings! - cries the second sister.

 - And you, Cinderella, would you like to go to the ball? - ask the sisters.

 - Oh, yes! But how can I go? I don't have a dress. - answers the sad girl.

So poor Cinderella helps the two sisters to put on their dresses. She combs their hair and stays at home.

Chapter 3.

Cinderella wants to go to the ball, too. But she sits in the dark kitchen and sorts the corn.

Suddenly two white birds fly into the room.

 - We can help you with the corn, Cinderella, - sing the birds.

 - Thank you! You are so kind, - she answers.

'The bad corns go into the crop,
 The good corns go into my pot.'

The birds eat the ad corns and leave the good ones.

 - Cinderella, do you want to go to the ball? - ask the birds.

 - Oh. yes! But I don't have a dress, - answers the girl sadly.

 - Ask your godmother, the Fairy, to help you, - sing the birds and fly away.

Chapter 4.

You don't know yet but Cinderella's godmother is a real fairy. She has a magic wand and can fulfill any wish.

Cinderella loves her godmother very much. She calls her, and the Fairy appears in front of her.

 - My dear Cinderella, - says the Fairy, - You are a kind and beautiful girl. You must go to the ball! Bring me a pumpkin.

The Fairy touches the pumpkin with her magic wand and it turns into a fine golden coach.

 - Do you have any mice in your mouse-trap? - asks the Fairy.

She touches six mice and a rat with the wand, and they turn into six strong horses and a fat merry coach-man.

 - Now you can go to the ball, my girl, - says the Fairy.

 - But I can't. My dress and shoes are dirty and poor. - cries Cinderella.

The Fairy touches Cinderella with the magic wand and the girl's poor clothes turn into a golden dress and new glass slippers.

 - Now you are ready to go to the ball, Cinderella. - says the Fairy. - But remember, my dear, you must come back before midnight.

Chapter 5.







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