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Magical pot / Волшебный горшок

Once upon a time there was a little girl.

She live with her mother in a small town.

They were not rich, they didn't have enough money. Sometimes they had nothing to eat. The girl had to go to the forest to gather wood.

Once the girl was in the forest and she saw a very old woman. The old woman was lost and didn't know how to get out of the forest.

The girl help the old woman. She said:

- I'll take you out, don't worry.

And in some minutes they were in a wide road near the forest.

The old woman thanked the girl and gave her a present, a magical pot.

- Just say: Pot, cook! And the pot will cook a delicious porridge. But then you need to say: Pot, stop. And it will stop cooking.

The girl was very happy, she said 'Thank you' and ran to her mother. Immediately they tried the magical pot, they said magical words and the pot began to cook.

The porridge was tasty, delicious and perfect.

Since that day the girl and the mother had never been hungry.


One day the girl went to the forest to gather some wood in order to sell it at the market.

And the mother wanted to cook some porridge. She took the magical pot, put on the table and said:

- Pot, cook.

The pot began to cook. And when it was full the other words had to be said, but the mother forgot what to say/

- Pot, don't cook. Pot, don't do it. Pot, enough!

But these were wrong words. The magical pot cooked and cooked and cooked. Soon the room was full of porridge, then the house, then the porridge went to the streets and all streets were full of porridge.

Fortunately the girl came back home from the forest soon, she was walking home through the porridge in the streets.

When she got home she yelled:

- Pot, stop!

The magical pot stopped cooking immediately. But the people needed to eat porridge to get home, because there were no streets anymore, only porridge.

But soon everything was OK. The people from the town made tunnels to their houses and the people were happy, because they had a lot of porridge everywhere and nobody was hungry.



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