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EffortlessEnglish AJ HOGE | Английский без усилий

Дополнительные истории к урокам Effortless English

Английские проработки по урокам AJ HOGE's

Effortless English

Day of the Dead

I arrive in Guatemala on The Day of the Dead, November 1st. I’m curious about this holiday, so I go to the cemetery to see what’s happening. What I find is quite interesting.

The atmosphere is like a party. There are people everywhere. Families are sitting around the graves of their dead ancestors. They clean the graves and add fresh flowers. I walk through the cemetery and admire the beauty of all the colorful flowers.

There is also color in the sky, because many kids are flying kites. Some families are having a picnic next to the graves. They eat, drink, and chat together. People laugh and smile.

In the United States, cemeteries are always somber. We certainly never have festivals or parties next to graves. We don’t laugh or play music or fly kites in cemeteries either.

I find that I prefer the Guatemalan approach. I like the way they remember and celebrate those who have passed away. I like that they acknowledge death, instead of denying it the way Americans do. I like that there is life, as well as death, in their cemeteries.

Guatemalans call it “The Day of the Dead”, but it is also a day to appreciate life.


I arrived in... - Я прибыл (приехал) в...

I arrive in Moscow at 5 pm.

I arrive in the USA in the evening.

I arrived in Paris two days ago.

She arrives in London on September 2nd.

He will arrive in Africa next week.

I arrive in China at the weekend.

I'm curios about... - Я интересуюсь...

I'm curios about Russian people.

I'm curios about your habits.

I'm curios about this case.

She's curios about our business.

He's curios about making money.

We're curios about English literature.

The atmosphere is like a party. - Атмосфера как на вечеринке.

LIKE - еще и предлог КАК, используемый для сравнения.

I am like my mother.

She is like me.

Wolves are like dogs, but they're wild.

Tigers are like cats, but bigger.

Ponies are like horses, but smaller.

English is not like Russian.

graves - могилы

I see a lot of graves.

Whose grave is this?

There are not many graves in this cemetery.

I saw a big crocodile in the grave.

I want to have a grave in the moon.

It's not a huge hole, it is a real grave.

I can see many butterflies above the graves.

ancestors - предки

I don't know my ancestors.

Do you know your ancestors?

Where did your ancestors live?

Do you know names of your ancestors?

She knows all her ancestors.

Leonardo DiCaprio's ancestors were Russian.

Madonna's ancestors were Italian.

add - добавлять

I always add sugar in my coffee.

Do you add sugar in your tea?

Does she add milk in her coffee?

I'd like to add some cognac in my coffee.

Never add salt in beer.

Let's add some more flowers.

Who added ace-cream in my soup?

I walk through - Я прохожу через

I walk through the park every morning.

I walk through the city center every day.

I walk through the cemetery every evening.

Don't walk through the cemetery at night.

Let's walk through this field.

I saw you walk through the Red Square.

He walks through my kitchen every five minutes.

admire - восхищаться

I admire this evening.

I admire her beauty.

I admire his voice.

He admires Alla Pugachova.

She admires Leo DiCaprio.

We admire literature.

What music do you admire?

colorful flowers - разноцветные цветы

There are no colorful flowers here, only red ones.

Let's buy not pink roses, but colorful ones.

She loves colorful flowers really much.

I bought her colorful flowers, but she wanted only white roses.

What flowers do you like? Colorful.

Why did you bring colorful flowers? She asked only red ones.

There is also color in the sky - Небо также разноцветное (Буквально: В небе тоже есть цвет)

There is also color in the water.

There is also color in the snow.

There is also color in the streets.

There is also milk in the tea.

There is also money in the wallet.

There is also hope in the life.

many kids are flying kites - многие дети запускают воздушных змеев

FLY - три основных значения: летать, запускать в полет и муха.

Let's fly this colorful kite.

How do you fly kites?

Did your children fly kites yesterday?

She likes flying kites.

I have some kites to fly.

This fly cannot fly. Let's fly this fly.

somber - мрачный, печальный, серьезный

Why are you so somber?

Are Russian people somber?

This song is not good. It's very somber.

I don't like somber movies.

Is your boss always so somber?

She is not married, that's why she is somber.

When I am sober, I am somber.

certainly - точно, определенно, конечно

I certainly love this movie.

He certainly wants to speak English.

She is certainly my wife.

Is he certainly your boyfriend?

Did you certainly speak to Putin?

Certainly, drinking beer with vodka is a very bad idea.

I've certainly never met him before.

next to - рядом

NEXT - следующий, но NEXT TO - рядом

Who is this, next to you?

Do you live next to the school?

I put money next to your bag.

I saw a dog next to him.

We were sitting next to your table.

I'd like to live next to Los Angeles.

Why are you always walking next to me?

We don’t laugh or play music or fly kites in cemeteries either - Мы не смеемся, не включаем музыку и не запускаем змеев на кладбищах также.

Either - 'тоже' или 'также', употребляется только в отрицательных предложениях. В утвердительных - too.

I love music too. I don't love opera either.
I love cats too. I don't like dogs either.
I am a doctor too. I am not a student either.
I can cook too. I can't ride a horse either.
I drank beer too. I didn't drink tequila either.
I will go home too. I won't do it either.
I find that I prefer... - Я понял (нахожу), что предпочитаю...

I find that I prefer only Hollywood movies.

I find that I prefer funny lessons.

I find that I prefer somber poems.

He finds that he prefers sleeping.

She finds than she prefers pizza.

We find that we prefer money without working.

Guatemalan approach - Гватемальское отношение (поход)

I like Guatemalan approach.

Do you like American approach to education?

What is Russian approach to it?

What is your approach to the Day of the Dead?

What do you think about Russian approach to work?

I don't like your approach to animals.

I admire your approach to studying English.

I like the way they remember and celebrate - мне нравятся как они помнят и празднуют

THE WAY - способ, метод (не только путь).

I like the way you cook pizza.

I like the way you dress.

I like the way you think.

I like the way she drives a car.

He likes the way I teach English.

My boss likes the way I speak to clients.

those who have passed away - те, которые умерли

PASS AWAY - более мягкое и вежливое выражение, заменяющее глагол DIE.

My granny passed away 20 years ago.

I'm sorry that your cat's passed away.

Alan Rickman passed away on 14th of January, 2016.

My hamster passed away yesterday.

His grandfather passed away when he was 112 years old.

Why did your dog pass away?

I will never pass away, I will live forever.

they acknowledge death - они признают (принимают) смерть

We acknowledge each other.

You should acknowledge your teacher's advice.

They never acknowledge me.

It's not easy to acknowledge death.

I'd like to acknowledge your approach.

How can you acknowledge it?

What did you say you acknowledge?

My boss doesn't acknowledge me as a good worker.

instead of denying it -вместо отрицания этого

I do it instead of denying it.

I watch it instead of denying it.

I eat it instead of denying it.

I drink it instead of denying it.

I buy it instead of denying it.

I read it instead of denying it.

I drink tea instead of drinking coffee.

I eat fish instead of eating meat.

I study English instead of watching TV.

the way Americans do - как (это делают) американцы

I live the way Americans do.

I eat the way Americans do.

I work the way Americans do.

I study the way my father did.

I kiss the way French people do.

I speak English the way Americans do.

I drink vodka the way Russians do.

I sleep the way babies do.

I like that there is life, as well as death, in their cemeteries. - Мне нравится, что на их кладбищах есть жизнь, мак же как и смерть.

I like that there is milk, as well as meat, in this shop.

I like that there are dollars, as well as rubles, in my wallet.

I like that there is a cat, as well as a dog, in my country-house.

I like that there is milk, as well as sugar, in my tea.

I like that there is laugh, as well as studying grammar, in our lessons.

I like that there is English, as well as Russian, in my life.

Guatemalans call it “The Day of the Dead” - Гватемальцы называют это Днем Мертвых.

CALL - звать, называть, звонить

I call it Pay Day!

You can call me The Boss.

How do you call it?

Why do you call him 'brother'?

How did you call this man?

I don't want to call you 'my friends'.

I don't want you to call me 'honey'.

Don't call me like this!

it is also a day to appreciate life - это также день, чтобы ценить жизнь.

I appreciate what you do for me.

I appreciate that you've come.

I appreciate your help.

What do you appreciate in life?

Why do you appreciate it?

Do you appreciate money?

I appreciate that you've chosen me.


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